Linking together makes everything better

Our resources have huge potential, so it’s important that we train your team properly to ensure the most impact is made. Resources are only available with training.

When you sign up for Tales Toolkit you become part of our family with access to all the training and resources.

I'm sure you're all wondering now, what exactly IS Tales Toolkit?

We’re keen that you see the wide range of benefits and make full use of Tales Toolkit, because when used properly it can really make a difference

You can:
  • access training videos and research
    • be part of a forum where schools share ideas
      • download resources and planning
        • and we’ll post regular updates and inspiration

Read on to find out more...

The films include:
  • information from Kate, other experts and teachers using Tales Toolkit
  • footage of children using Tales Toolkit
  • and activities to do as a team
You will have access to the package for a year, so you can train lots of staff in your school and the training can be revisited to refresh your practice


When you become a Tales Toolkit member, along with the online training package you’ll receive one of all our resources

Once you’re in the member’s area there’ll be an option to buy any additional resources you need

Resources include:


Tales Toolkit was created 8 years ago and has been developed over time. We’ve done lots of research and have been amazed at the power of story

Our training has been based on everything we’ve learnt - and as part of the training package we’ll provide you with links to some of our favourite research that inspired us.
We’ve tried to include lots of links to videos that are easy to watch so this doesn’t feel too much like extra work

Community Forum

Within our member’s area we have a forum where you can talk to us and also other schools using Tales Toolkit

We’re really keen to support you as much as possible to make Tales Toolkit successful in your school and we love to hear your stories


We want to share with you all the bright ideas we see while visiting different schools

So in our Members' Area we’ve created an Inspiration Area where we post ideas to support your storytelling
We’ll keep this area updated and add resource ideas linked to celebrations and projects


How to join the Tales Toolkit Family