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Tales Toolkit is aimed primarily at Early Years. However our resources have been used with children as young as 2 years old and up to year 2 with great success (they’ve also been used with lots of creativity and enthusiasm by our friends of all ages!)

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Our resources can be used during focus activities and in free flow, across the provision, inside and out, to help children to create stories independently around their interests.


Every school has their own individual personality. Tales Toolkit is easily adapted to children’s interests and needs and can reflect the identity of your local community.

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Read on to find out about some of the settings where Tales Toolkit is being used:


Alexandra Primary School and
Special Needs Assessment Centre, North Wales

Using Tales Toolkit since November 2015

Kintore Way Nursery School and Children’s Centre, Southwark

Using Tales Toolkit since April 2016

Staff have seen improvements in their children’s language, social skills and their ability to solve problems independently.

They’ve engaged children who previously found it hard to concentrate and commented on how much enjoyment they’ve gained from Tales Toolkit.

Children are using the story structure in different lessons, during independent play and staff have seen improvements in social skills, communication and creativity.

“Children are more independent, working out solutions for themselves and they have more creative ideas.”

"Tales Toolkit offers a framework that supports children’s first steps in making up stories, imaginative play, putting ideas together and into sequence. This framework can be hugely helpful and gives children the scaffold they need."

"We think TTK is a powerful approach to boosting communication and imaginative play of young children, and it fits with our early years ethos."

Julian Grenier, Headteacher

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