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Story Shuffle Book


Tales Toolkit Shuffle Book – shake up story time!
The littlest of people have the biggest imaginations and our shuffle book puts children in charge of creating their own stories using an easy peasy-to-use format.

Tales Toolkit brings empty pages of possibility ready to create your own stories. Fill the pages with drawings, photographs or pictures cut from magazines.

The options are endless – a picture of yourself, a superhero, magic potion or slimy slug… you choose!

Once your pages are full, get ready to shuffle your stories, choosing a character, setting, problem and solution at random letting imaginations run riot.

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Not only lots of fun. Tales Toolkit shuffle book develops:
– Communication skills
– Problem solving
– Creativity
– Love of storytelling

“What is fantastic about Tales Toolkit’s Shuffle Book is that children gain ownership of the activity, it becomes their own book and they take pride in the amazing stories they create. We were in fits of giggles with the hilarious stories we created! Our favourite story was Batman getting locked in the post office and having to call a teddy for help!”
SEN Resources blog

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