Highly Regarded Helen Garnett

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27th August 2019
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14th October 2019
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Highly Regarded Helen Garnett

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Helen Garnett
Award Winning Early Years Author, Education Director, Early Years Consultant
8th October 2019
Webinar: “Helen Garnett talks ‘Developing empathy in the early years'”

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We’re super excited Helen Garnett will be talking at our October webinar. Helen has a real passion for making a difference for children in the early years and shares our ethos for developing empathy and storytelling.

Winner of the Nursery World Award for best professional book 2018 don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to hear Helen talk.

Read on for a little more info about Helen and details on how to join.

If you want a bit more info about what exactly a webinar is then follow this link:

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Helen has a wealth of experience in teaching. Initially working in the primary sector, she co-founded a preschool in 2005, where she acquired a keen interest in early intervention and the positive effect this has on a child’s development and progress.

Helen is an Early Years author, and has written two books, Developing Empathy in the Early Years: a guide for practitioners (Winner of the Nursery World Awards 2018 for Professional Book Category) and Building a Resilient Early Years Workforce, published by Early Years Alliance in June 2019.

Helen is Education Director at Arc Pathway, a sensitive profiling system for early years which tracks and supports young children aged 12 to 60 months.
Helen writes articles for Parents, Early Years Teacher Organisation, QA Education, Teach Early Years, and Early Years Educator.

Click the “Register here” link at the top of the page to join the webinar.
Why not do this now – you can’t register too early! If you need a little help joining, we’ve put together some notes to help you:

How to join a Tales Toolkit webinar

Click the link to find out more about Helen’s books

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