Dr Julian Grenier Webinar January 2020

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13th January 2020
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John Carnochan Webinar February 2020
28th January 2020
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Dr Julian Grenier Webinar January 2020

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Dr Julian Grenier
Headteacher, Author, Speaker and National Leader of Education

‘Working smarter: bringing research closer to early years settings and schools and improving children’s life-chances’

30th January 2020
Webinar: “Super Knowledgable Dr Julian Grenier Returns”

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A fantastic speaker to kick off 2020; the super knowledgeable Dr Julian Grenier. A long time supporter of Tales Toolkit, Julian is headteacher in one of our very first trial schools and you’ll recognise him from our training films.

We’re a little in awe of Julian who really is changing the system with the work he does. Working with the DfE, EEF, Ofsted. He runs a training school, heads up a research school and inspires many teachers through his writing and talks.

Julian will talk about:
– The ‘health warnings’ – what types of research should you steer clear of?
– Some examples of using research to improve children’s care and learning – and some of the downsides
– Professional development and training that makes a difference
– Why we seem to get stuck in cycles of making changes and working harder – and how we can get out of that.

Don’t miss out! Read on for a little more info about Dr Julian Grenier and for details on how to join in.

If you want a bit more info about what exactly a webinar is then follow this link:

Head teacher of Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre in East London which has recently been awarded Research school status.

Author of Successful Early Years Ofsted Inspections. National Leader of Education. Co-founders of the East London Partnership Teaching School. Works as an additional inspector. Keynote speaker at Nursery World Show 2020.

Served as an adviser on two committees for the Department of Education: The Rose Review of the Primary Curriculum, and The Nutbrown Review of Early Education and Childcare Qualifications.
Regularly writes for Nursery World. Authored and co-authored a number of books about early years education.

Click the “Register here” link at the top of the page to join the webinar.
Why not do this now – you can’t register too early! If you need a little help joining, we’ve put together some notes to help you:

How to join a Tales Toolkit webinar

Here are some links to find out more about Julian!
Check out Julian’s blog and his tweets!

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