Dr. Evan Kidd: How Play Boosts Language

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16th June 2021
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2nd June 2022
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Dr. Evan Kidd: How Play Boosts Language

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Dr Evan Kidd is an academic whose research investigates how children acquire language, with one strand of his research investigating the relationship between play and language development in early childhood. On this topic, he has conducted a range of studies which point to the conclusion that one particular type of play – symbolic or ‘pretend’ play – is a particularly important context for language learning. 
9th November
Webinar discussing: “How Play Boosts Language”

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We’re super excited that Dr Evan Kidd will be chatting with us at our November 2021 webinar

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Dr Evan Kidd was awarded his BBSc(Hons) and PhD (Psycholinguistics) in 2004, both from La Trobe University, Australia. He worked at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology as a postdoctoral research associate, and as a Lecturer and then
SeniorLecturer in Psychology at The University of Manchester (UK). He was also a Charles La Trobe Research Fellow at La Trobe University. Currently Dr Evan Kidd is an Associate Professor of Psychology at The Australian National University, and a Senior Investigator and Research Group Leader at the MPI.

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