Dr. Brynn Welch Webinar: Seeing Ourselves and Seeing Our World, Representation in Children’s Stories

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Dr. Brynn Welch Webinar: Seeing Ourselves and Seeing Our World, Representation in Children’s Stories

Brynn Welch


Dr. Brynn Welch co-authored a book in 2018 (Bennie Goes Up! Up! Up!) and now gives talks about the importance of stories that include multidimensional characters of all colours, gender identities and expressions, physical and mental abilities, religions, and family structures.
14 April 2021
Webinar discussing: “Seeing Ourselves and Seeing Our World: Representation in Children’s Stories”

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We’re super excited that Dr Brynn Welch will be chatting with us at our April 2021 webinar

Not one to be missed!


Dr. Brynn Welch attended Davidson College in North Carolina before going on to earn her MA and PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has taught at Beloit College in Wisconsin, Emory & Henry College in Virginia, and now teaches at the University of Alabama in Birmingham where her primary areas of interest are applied ethics and social/political philosophy. In particular, she is interested in the intersection of the family with other social institutions and questions about whether, when, and to what extent broader social justice considerations may constrain what individuals within families do. In 2013, Welch’s daughter was born, and she started seeing that her daughter was missing from so many stories in which we tell children what the world is and might be like. She became passionate about making sure that all children see themselves in the stories we tell, having adventures both ordinary and extraordinary.

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