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Check out the tribe of inspirational people that believe in and support us. We have big dreams and know the way to realise them is by collaboration and always being open to learn.

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"Hello I’m Kate, the founder of Tales Toolkit. I love telling and listening to stories"

"I’ve worked in early years across Primary Schools, Nursery Schools and Children’s Centres developing Tales Toolkit for a number of years before deciding to share what I believe is a fantastic resource.

I’m originally from Wales and came into teaching later on after working in retail. (Big change, I know) I like dancing with wild abandon (and little skill) swimming (especially in the sea) and playing pranks with my friends.

I’m super passionate about children having the opportunity to play, and think school should be a place where creativity, curiosity and a passion for learning starts.

I look forward to hearing your stories when you join us!"

Funded Pilot with EEF and DfE

90 funded places available in Kent, Bristol, Birmingham and Thames Valley
We're incredibly proud to be recognised by this national organisation and we are confident this pilot will show the positive impact of Tales Toolkit.

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Check out our Awards

And (exciting times) just a few months later Tales Toolkit won the UnLtd Do it Award 2016, providing further support and funding to place our first order.

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check out our inspirational education advisors

Also check out some of our fantastic advisors

They’ve all been matched with Tales Toolkit and are a great fit. They’re creative, super knowledgeable, are solution focused and do in 5 minutes what would take us hours.
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And here’s a few more characters giving up their time to be part of our story:

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